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About Robyn McKay, PhD

Robyn McKay, PhD is an award-winning psychologist who provides executive leadership coaching, advising, and training to Fortune 100 companies, including Nike, Honeywell, Intel, and Caterpillar; as well as innovative organizations in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Emotionally intelligent female physicians, engineers, and other top performers providing leadership and expertise for the pandemic are working with Dr. McKay to support the own mental and emotional resilience of themselves and their teams so they can rise to today's challenges, and be poised to meet tomorrow's.

Dr. McKay’s perspective on the pandemic of 2020

While nothing we’ve experienced has truly prepared us for the uncharted waters we’re currently navigating, Dr. McKay believes that, as innovative and creative humans, we have been uniquely wired for the challenge. 

Right now, she is committed to helping innovative leaders and organizations quickly adjust to the dynamic climate, encourage resilience and instill hope the world's most valuable resource – our people –, and to capitalize on unexpected opportunities to innovate and lead, like never before. 

Dr. McKay holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas. She is a licensed psychologist in Arizona. All of Dr. McKay’s trainings are based in the science of positive psychology, including topics such as mindfulness practices, resilience, restoring hope, mindful communication, values, strengths, purpose-driven leadership, and innovation. 

Dr. McKay is experienced at guiding people through difficult times; she has counseled and supported people affected by the terror attacks on 9/11/01, the myriad of school shootings, and the financial crisis of 2008, not to mention thousands of people with seemingly ordinary problems who seek restoration of their most vital asset of all: hope. 

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